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How Many Shots Equal A Beer?

A round of entertaining shots will get the celebration started. If you drink beer, you have various packaging and size options. You can drink it straight from the can, bottle, or pint. Both cans and bottles typically hold 12 ounces (354 ml), although a conventional American pint is 16 ounces

At Home Beer Brewing

This is a collection of all our beer at-home brewing resources and reviews. Here you will find content related to:

  • Best at-home beer brewing equipment
  • Product reviews for home brewing
  • How-to guides on beer brewing methods
  • Best home brew beer recipes
  • and more

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Best Wort Chillers - Brew Dog Metrics

Best Wort Chiller – Definitive 2024 Buying Guide

This guide is the resource for finding the best wort chiller that every homebrewer can rely on… After a long brew day, you’re now ready to chill your wort to prepare it for fermentation.  But then you know that the traditional ice bath method will take a long time to

IPL Recipe

Best India Pale Lager, IPL Recipe – Favorite Recipe

Clean and refreshing, the India Pale Lager (IPL) mixes the hoppiness of the popular American IPA (India Pale Ale) and the crisp flavor of lager beers, resulting in an interesting, highly drinkable beer. Keep reading to read more about this IPL recipe. But did you know? India Pale Lager is

What Is Mead

What Is Mead? A Complete Definition, History & More

You’re probably familiar with all the local breweries where you can find mead. You might even be able to name a few of the local cideries or vineyards. But, you’re likely unfamiliar with the region’s mead scene. When you think of mead, your thoughts may stray to a medieval setting

Beer Brewing Glossary

Beer Brewing Glossary: A Complete Brewer’s Index

Whether you’ve been a long-time brewer now or just starting out, it never hurts to learn some more beer terminology; doing so will help you improve your craft even more or avoid any confusion. Read on to see our compiled list of essential beer-related terms that every brewer needs to

How Long Does It Take To Brew Beer

How Long Does It Take To Brew Beer?

There are few things more exciting for a beer enthusiast who is serious about their suds than getting into the hobby of brewing. When purchasing a beer brewing kit, one of the first questions that homebrewer wants to answer is “How Long Does It Take To Brew Beer?” How long

What Is A Fermenter

What Is A Fermenter For Home Brewing?

Fermenters are bioreactors that aid the fermentation process. This provides the ideal growth environment for animal cells or microorganisms. Fermenters are fermentation vessels used to cultivate large amounts of bacteria and fungus. This includes the Penicillium mold used to make penicillin (an antibiotic). Glass or stainless steel fermenters come in

Home Beer Tap Installation

Home Beer Tap Installation: Step By Step ‘How To’ Instructions

Beer is fantastic.  That’s something we can all agree on, right? (As demonstrated by the fact that you’re reading this).  While popping open a can or glass of ice-cold beer is always enjoyable, absolutely nothing beats a cold glass pint of your favorite beer on tap. With this… The most

how to brew beer

How To Brew Beer: The Definitive Guide For At Home Brewing

So you want to learn how to make your own beer?  Perfectly understandable, considering that there are plenty of reasons to start making beer in the comfort of your own home— it’s more convenient, for one, and you can control the flavors, aroma, and mouthfeel of your beer.  Maybe you’re

How To Calculate Alcohol By Volume

How To Calculate ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

Beer, wine, tequila, and champagne are all examples of beverages that contain alcohol. The element that makes you intoxicated is alcohol. Yet, it does not grow on a tree or in the ground. It’s a result of a fermentation process that takes place. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is the scientific

Festbier Recipe

Festbier Recipe, Easy To Follow

There’s no better time to drink that modern-day Oktoberfest beer, than – all the time! I’m sure, you’ll agree! However… It might not be readily available in your area at the exact time that you want it.  How sad is that?  But don’t you worry because we know exactly how

how to taste beer

How To Taste Beer Like A Professional Beer Taster

Different beers have become available to the masses in recent years. Craft beer for one – bringing new styles and tastes to beer geeks, like you and I. If you’re struggling to find your perfect – and favorite – beer? Don’t be discouraged! Let your taste buds take flight. Take

sour beer recipe

Sour Beer Recipe – Great Tasting & Easy To Make

Being the result of a happy accident some thousands of years ago, sour beer is considered one of the oldest- if not the oldest- beer styles globally. It’s that beer that everyone loves.  Beer enthusiasts love its complex layers and layers of different flavors, and beer newbies love how it’s

How To Brew Non Alcoholic Beer

How To Brew Non-Alcoholic Beer, A Step-by-Step Comprehensive Guide

Yes, you read that right… how to brew non alcoholic beer! Non-alcoholic beer on tap – right where you are. More to the point, over the past years… …sales of non-alcoholic beer has shot up to 75% – and is expected to grow further still! If you’re curious about this

How to sanitize brewing equipment

How To Sanitize Brewing Equipment – A Complete Guide For Home Brewers

How long has it been since you’ve made your last brew of beer?  Are your brew pot, carboys, wort pump, and wort chiller all stained?  Are they not quite polished enough for another brewing? If that’s a yes – then you need to start cleaning – and sanitizing! You see…

Schwarzbier Recipe

Schwarzbier Recipe, Step-By-Step Guide

Looks can be deceiving indeed.  Though a dark lager, the Schwarzbier is actually a very easy drink, which makes it great for both summer and even winter with its hints of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla flavors.  But that’s not the most interesting thing about this German lager. The Schwarzbier is

Mexican Lager Recipe

Mexican Lager Recipe: The Ultimate Recipe

Tacos and guacamoles aren’t the only treats that Mexico gave us. On a bright summer day, we also love chilling on the lawn with a crisp and light beer in hand, and that is the awesome Mexican lager.  Love Corona or Modelo?  Then you’d be thrilled to know that they

Pils Beer Home Brewed

Pilsner Recipe: Easy To Follow, Great Results

Introduction    Pilsner beer, also commonly called “Pils,” is an extremely popular beer style that falls under the category of lager beer type. It’s a bottom-fermented beer that is well-known for its pale golden color as well as for its simple, clean, and crisp taste.   Because of the popularity of the

Shandy Beer Recipe

Shandy Beer Recipe – Refreshing Beer Recipe

Hello there, fellow beer drinker! Let me guess… You want to spice up your favorite beer and heard that there’s this thing called a Shandy.  And you might’ve also heard that it’s refreshing and perfect for when you still want a beer under the summer heat. But… … you have

Hefeweizen Recipe

Hefeweizen Recipe: A Brewer’s Best Recipe

Are you craving that cloudy, deep gold German Hefeweizen beer style?  We don’t blame you! This wheat beer is a popular choice in the industry. Brewing Hefeweizen makes use of a special yeast, bittering hops, and a specific malt blend. But Hefeweizen sets itself apart from other wheat beers because

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