How To Chug Fast

March 19, 2022 // 14 minute read

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Many people flock to the beach for some well-deserved relaxation. It’s always a good chance to celebrate an ice-cold beer as the sun goes down and the party starts.

But what if you prefer to chug your beer rather than sip it?

To have some great times, chug beer with your friends. It might just arouse a competitive spirit. So, what exactly is chugging? Simple words refer to drinking beer in big gulps.

Being able to chug a beer can be a crucial skill at some point in life. There will most likely be times when you need to down a beer in one sitting at a party. The faster you complete it, the more and more appreciation and kudos you will receive from your colleagues.

There’s no doubting the pleasure of popping the cap off a beer at the end of a long day and guzzling straight from the beer bottle.


Going to pour that chilly cold beer into a pint glass comes with its own set of benefits. Maybe you’ve been turned off by this idea after knowing a beer geek friend elaborate on it one too many Maybe you’ve been turned off by this idea after knowing a beer geek friend elaborate on it one too many times.

Give me a chance to persuade you. Pour it in a glass if you enjoy craft beer. 

Some people are simply born with a natural talent for it, but you can learn strategies to develop your efficiency.

If you want to understand all the secrets, keep reading to learn how to chug during your school years beer quickly. Continue reading if you want to unravel all the mystery surrounding chugging. This article will tell you how to chug beer fast and effectively, as well as explain a few other chugging-related helpful hints.

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Step By Step Guide:

Let’s talk about how to overindulge in beer drinking. Remember always to know your limit. Also, don’t guzzle vodka. We’ve seen this happen, and the person was hospitalized as a result. Don’t chug vodka, for real. Always make sure you’re drinking a lighter beer.

Some people are naturally better at chugging beer than others. Although there are techniques, you can learn to improve your chugging abilities. You can chug a beer in three different ways. Let’s take a closer look at each of them to determine the best way to chug beer:

Drinking from a Glass

Drinking From A Glass
Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Using glass is the initial method for chugging beer. This technique is quite straightforward because you don’t have to worry about ventilation. It’s all about relaxing and simply pouring the beer in with this method.

If you’re having a reunion to commemorate your college glory days…

You’ve probably left the cans at home and will be sipping from a glass. It doesn’t matter if you can shoot a beer from a can like a pro. Things are a little different whenever you pour your drink into a glass.


The carbonation in your beer is activated and creates a foamy head by pouring it straight down into the glass. Whenever any of those little bubbles bursts, it releases a small burst of scent. As you take a drink, the fragrances you inhale combine with the pleasures on your tongue. This will provide you with a flavor explosion.

Enjoy the taste!

This is how you do it:

  • Pour the beer into a glass and wait for the foam to dissipate.

Stomach ache, flatulence, and nausea might result from downing a bubbly, foamy beer. So, before you begin, wait for the bubbles to dissipate. Beer’s carbon dioxide makes it bubbly and fizzy, making it difficult to drink. The beer with the least CO2 will be easier to chug fast.


…if you’re vying, aim to get your beer served as soon as possible. Play for a longer period to see more bubbles disappear.


Waiting allows the beer to warm up a little, which can help prevent brain freeze after chugging it! Chugging an excessively cold beer will cause brain freeze. So, if you leave it for a few moments, the temperature will rise slightly. When it comes time to put the beer away, things will be easier.


The design of the glass can have an impact on how well you can chug your drink. A beer cup is significantly more convenient to drink from than a bottle.

  • Hit the bottom of the glass on a table to release CO2

You would like to get rid of as much CO2 as possible before you start chugging. Giving the glass a good tap on the table will help it shake-up a little more. Banging the glass helps to remove as much CO2 as possible from it. But be careful not to push yourself too far, or you might break the glass.

Apart from that…

Carbon dioxide is responsible for the carbonation in your beverage. All of that excess gas pumped into your stomach might make you feel uncomfortable and even nauseous. Knocking the bottom of your glass before you drink it is an easy technique to release some of that CO2 into the air rather than your stomach.

The less carbon dioxide you have in your stomach, the better. More space to chug. More beer to consume

  • Take a deep breath, and lean your head back slightly

Take a deep inhale, fully exhale, and then lean back in preparation for the beer. The process will streamline if you get your head into position ahead of time. This will make it simple to empty your glass immediately into your stomach.

Also, make sure you have a firm grasp on the glass. The key to getting the drink down as rapidly as possible is not stopping to breathe while chugging.

So, before you begin…

…take a long breath to ensure that you have enough oxygen to finish the beer before needing another lungful of air.

  • Bring the glass to your lips and tilt it up quickly

Bring the glass to your mouth once you’ve taken a deep breath.  Put your lips around the glass’s edge. Turn the glass up in one fast motion to pour the contents into your lips. If you sip or gulp the beer, it will spill out the sides of your mouth.

Just a friendly reminder…

Avoid slamming the glass into your teeth, resulting in a chipped tooth.

  • Relax your throat and hold your breath

Do not swallow the whole of your glass as they enter your mouth. Instead, relax your throat and let the liquid flow straight into your stomach. Allow gravity to do the heavy lifting for you. Make sure you don’t take a breath. If you need to take a breath, don’t interrupt the flow of beer. This may slow you down and may result in you spilling precious beer.

The goal is to expand your throat and allow the beer to trickle down into your belly. You will stifle the flow of beer down your throat if you need to swallow or breathe. This will lengthen the time it takes for the beer to be consumed.


This is not something that everyone can do! It’s a trick that takes a lot of practice for many individuals. Take large swallows rather than short sips if you can’t fully open your throat to allow the entire drink to run down at once.

Even if you can’t drink it all in one sitting, you might be able to do so in three or four large gulps.

  • Finish chugging the entire glass of beer

Don’t give up now that you’ve come this far! As the beer drips out of the glass, keep your throat relaxed. To finish draining the glass, tilt it higher and higher. Resuming breathing after the drink has been consumed. And then, experience the joy of your accomplishment.


Slamming the glass back down on top to verify it’s empty is the usual signal to demonstrate you finish your beer. If it’s a race, the person who slams it down first wins — as long as there’s no beer left in it.

Chugging from a Can

Drinking From A Can
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Chugging a beer from a can differs from chugging from a glass in a few ways. As previously said, you must first select a beer with low alcohol by volume (ABV) and low carbonation.

After you’ve chosen your beer can, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll be chugging or shotgunning it.

  • Use a knife to cut a small hole in the top of the can to create a vent

When chugging from a can, the air movement is the key factor that slows you down. Air must flow into the can to replenish the beer to flow out smoothly and fast. Or else, it will become clogged, resulting in gulps of beer.

With this in mind…

Place the knife’s point on the top of the can, close to the pull tab, and hold it upright. Make sure you have a solid grip on the can and knife. This will prevent the knife’s tip from slipping as you pierce the can with light pressure. Make sure there are no rough edges in the hole. When you chug, it can cut you.


You can use a key, a knife, or any other sharp object. Also, the hole should be about the size of a pencil tip, not a giant, gaping hole.

  • Open the beer and begin to drink it normally.

Open the beer while your one finger is still covering the carburetor. Lift it to your mouth and sip it like any other beverage. The beer will flow faster and easier to gulp if you start the flow of liquid before opening the vent.

  • Take a breath and uncover the carburetor as you tilt back your head

Take a deep breath when you’re about to guzzle your beer to prepare yourself and avoid having to do so later. Remove your finger from the hole as the beer begins to flow, allowing air to enter the can and the liquid stream out into your mouth space rapidly.

As the beer empties, tip the can higher and higher to keep the flow smooth and for easier chugging.

  • Relax your throat and allow the beer to flow freely until the can is empty

Relax your throat and let gravity let the beer flow out of the can and into your mouth, exactly like you would with glass. Strive not to breathe or swallow as this will slow the flow of beer into your stomach, much as the previous way.

Here’s a thought…

After you guzzle your beer, smash the can in your hand and throw it on the ground to wow all of your pals with your victory. Please don’t trash and tidy up after yourself.

Using a Straw in a Bottle

Drinking From A Straw
Photo by Christopher from Pexels

The third method involves inserting a straw into a bottle to allow air and beer to flow in and out. The beer will be significantly slower to come out without the straw. You’re not exactly drinking through the straw when you chug beer through a straw. The straw merely serves as a conduit for air to enter the bottle.

This is how you do it:

  • Open the bottle and allow it to sit to release CO2 and warm beer up a little

Chugging an ice-cold beer can cause brain freeze and may cause stomach pain. Besides that, putting so much carbonation into your tummy can cause nausea and uneasiness. This also makes chugging the beer more difficult. Allowing the open bottle to sit for a few moments can cause some of the CO2 to escape into the air rather than your stomach. When summer arrives

Warm the beer up a little!

Just a friendly reminder…

You only have to wait a few seconds. You do not need to wait for the beer to come to room temperature suds.


Do not bang the bottle’s bottom into the table to start releasing extra CO2. The beer may foam up and spill out.

The straw will act as a vent or carburetor, allowing the beer to flow more quickly out of the bottle. The faster the beer flows, the faster and easier you can chug. Make sure the straw’s bent end sticks out of the bottle’s top. If you’re using a straw, make sure to bend it up at a 90-degree sharp angle as possible.

If you have a flexible straw, bend it so that it points away from your face.

  • Hold the straw in place with the opening pointing away from your face

Grab the straw so that the opening faces away from your face. Hold the bent straw in place with your finger, the tip of the straw facing away from you. That way, when you go to chug it, it won’t get in the way. Place the straw’s bend on the bottle’s lip.

When the bottle is tilted, the straw must also be on the upper lip of the bottle.

  • Bring the bottle to your lips and take a deep breath

Now that you’ve reached the same point as all other techniques remember to breathe properly while getting ready. Position yourself to chug the beer by pressing the bottle’s opening against your lips. To prepare yourself, envision victory and take a deep breath.

Try not to take gulps. The air that comes through the straw will quickly vent the beer out. You must be able to down the beer quickly with practice. The deep breath will also save you from having to take another breath later on while chugging your beer.

  • Lean your head back and tilt the bottle upright

Once you’ve taken your breath, lean back and steeply tilt the bottle up. The beer will begin to flow as a result of this. To allow the straw to work its venting magic, keep it in place with your finger. When tilting the bottle up, be careful not to hit the end into your mouth, or you may chip a tooth!

  • Allow the beer to flow down your throat until the bottle is empty

When you tilt the bottle up, the beer flows so quickly that it will run into your throat. Maintain open and relaxed throat muscles to allow the beer to pass right through it.  The straw’s vent will force air into the bottle, propelling your drink to its ultimate stop – in your stomach.

As with all of the other methods, the idea is to loosen up your throat and simply let the beer drip down it. It will take longer to complete the task if you take gulps or stop breathing. With the straw protruding from the bottle, air can enter, causing the beer to flow out of the bottle faster. It will take much longer to finish the beer without a straw.

Conclusion: How To Chug Fast?

How To Chug Fast - Brew Dog Metrics
Photo by vedanti from Pexels

Nothing beats competing in a beer-drinking contest for a crazy night. You also get to see the variation between people who are extremely skilled at opening up their throats and those of us who gulp. If you want to be a chugging champion, you must comprehend the magic of opening your throat, so start practicing with water at home.

If you weren’t born with the natural ability to be a beer-chugging champion, the only way to get to drink beer faster is to practice.  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.


Make sure you don’t get caught doing this because it’s completely unacceptable, and you’ll most likely be called crazy. Even if you find it difficult to down a beer in one go, there is still hope. By implementing the techniques and tips we give in this post, you, too, can improve the valuable life skill of being able to chug a beer quickly.

To sum up…

Avoid consuming rounds and shots, and learn to say NO when necessary. Set your boundaries and have fun. This is the essence of all wisdom and the reason for drinking beer.


Best regards on your journey to the bottom of the glass. May you come in first and be crowned champion!

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