The Best Morning Tea: A Review of 5 Blends

December 16, 2020 // 12 minute read

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Nothing puts you in high spirits like an early cup of tea. Or perhaps you’re looking for alternatives to ditch that latte, and wondering if good old chamomile will feel the same. Maybe you’ve heard about the awesome flavor of moringa, and now you’re conflicted about what brand you should go for.

Let’s get one thing straight: Moringa is certainly a game-changer if you can find the right blend, but there’s plenty of other great morning flavors out there too.

This guide will provide you with five of the best morning tea options that will make a great start to your day!

The 5 Best Morning Blends Out There

We’ve compiled an exclusive and comprehensive list of some of the best morning tea options that you can find. If you’ve been tea-hopping for a while, searching for the best tea for your mornings, then here are five excellent options to consider.

1. The Republic of Tea, Organic Moringa Superherb, 36 Bags

The Republic of Tea, Organic Moringa Superherb, 36 Bags

Moringa is one of those types of tea that keeps you looking refreshed and energetic all day long. This moringa tea combines the fruitiness and natural flavors of moringa oleifera, green rooibos, and the mango plant.

Looks like quite a combination doesn’t it? And it works wonders too.

Its health benefits are immense and take effect from the very first sip. The moringa “super herb” is commonly known for its detoxifying properties as a natural antioxidant. It also aids in the management of blood pressure and sugar levels.

That’s not all:

The blend is certified 100% free of gluten and completely organic by the USDA. It’s also Non-GMO Project-Verified, carb and sugar-free, and every sip is caffeine-free.

Moringa is unique in functionality and flavor, and the crazy thing is that it’s been around forever! The Western world is just awakening to the wonders of this super herb, and it’s quickly becoming a part of many modern-day wellness regimens for strength, performance, mental stability, and longevity.


  • Brand – The Republic of Tea
  • Form – Bags
  • Dimensions – 5.5 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches
  • Flavor – Moringa herbal
  • Caffeine content – Caffeine-free

What’s Good

  • Gluten-free, carb-free, non-GMO
  • 100% certified organic
  • Detoxifying, antioxidant properties
  • Great flavor
  • Eco-friendly packaging

What’s Bad

  • Dietary statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • More expensive than other brands/blends
The Republic of Tea, Organic Moringa Superherb, 36 Bags
Enjoy the detoxifying and antioxidant properties* of the 'miracle tree' in this earthy and grassy tea with fruity notes. Along with premium moringa leaves, the beneficial effects of green rooibos are complements the herbal flavors with the sweetness of mango. This tea is Certified Gluten Free, Certified Organic by the USDA, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, Sugar Free, and Carb Free.

2. Stash Tea Company, Christmas Morning Blend, 100 bags

Stash Tea Company, Christmas Morning Blend, 100 bags

If you’re big on creating traditions, then this tea blend is absolutely perfect for you. But it’s not just for Christmas alone, you can enjoy the rich taste of this traditional breakfast blend any time of year.

You’d probably agree that a great tea blend is flexible and can be enjoyed in different forms. This is certainly the case with this tea blend from Stash. Whether it’s hot or iced, or taken with milk, sugar, honey, or just plain, you are certainly going to love the quality and taste of this festive blend.

This tea was specially created to make your holidays last longer and your Christmas even whiter. Start the holiday season with a lush flavor of blended black and green tea, and make unforgettable memories. The box contains 100 bags of delicious tea, ready to be distributed to various tea establishments and the homes of tea-lovers everywhere.

Now, a lot of people are often worried about GMO sources and ingredients, especially when it comes to herbs and natural products like tea. You can rest assured that Stash Tea blends are 100% GMO-free for your health and safety. The bags are also eco-friendly and made of natural fiber.


  • Brand – Stash Tea Company
  • Form – Bags
  • Flavor – Christmas Morning
  • Dimensions – 12.56 x 8.5 x 5.08 inches

What’s Good

  • Non-GMO verified
  • Eco-friendly tea bags
  • Purely organic
  • Rich, festive taste
  • Very affordable price for a large amount of tea
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

What’s Bad

  • Dietary statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • 100 bags is a lot, unless you know you love the flavor
Stash Tea Company, Christmas Morning Blend, 100 bags
Sourced around the world and blended in Oregon, this premium loose-leaf tea for every mood to satisfy any tea aficionado. Brew in a strainer or tea press for a truly remarkable cup of tea.

3. Harney & Sons Black Tea, English Breakfast, 20 Bags

Harney & Sons Black Tea, English Breakfast, 20 Bags

Very few tea brands have a rich history that dates back as far as the 1800s, when breakfast was incomplete without the flavor and refreshing feel of the early morning beverage. This is certainly a healthy way to start your day, but let us tell you something you may not know about this English breakfast tea brand.

Harney & Sons remains a family-owned brand even to this day, with generations of well-kept secrets and recipes passed down over time. They take tea quality to a whole new level, with the finest ingredients discovered during their explorations around the world. Their mission remains committed to delivering the highest standards in flavor and quality.

Their black English breakfast tea blend has traveled far and wide, making its way to various British colonies and other regions around the world, including Asia and Africa.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, if you buy from Harney & Sons, you buy from a brand that is widely acknowledged for its reputation, originality, quality, taste, and history. They are definitely a colossus in the world of tea.

Many who have tasted this brand and blend make sure that they always have a sufficient stock available.

It’s just that delicious.


  • Brand – Harney & Sons
  • Dimensions – 3.25 x 3.25 x 4.25 inches
  • Form – Bags
  • Flavor – English breakfast, black tea

What’s Good

  • Gluten-free
  • High-quality taste
  • Finest ingredients
  • Affordable price
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

What’s Bad

  • Dietary statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Black tea is generally more caffeinated than others, so keep that in mind
Harney & Sons Black Tea, English Breakfast, 20 Bags
Whether you are looking for a morning pick-me-up, a tasty mid-day treat, or a soothing cup before bed, this Harney & Sons Fine Tea is the perfect blend for you.

4. Buddha Teas, Organic Moringa Tea, 18 Bags

Buddha Teas, Organic Moringa Tea, 18 Bags

Looking for the best morning tea that not only lifts your mood, but provides you with vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants, and other healthy components? Here we have another moringa tea blend, this time by Buddha Teas.

Many teas claim to offer health benefits, but very few actually deliver on their promise like moringa organic tea – it actually does work.

How do we know this?

Thousands of healthy and happy users, that’s how. So what’s all the fuss about moringa?

Research has shown that Moringa oleifera and its bioactive constituents, including but not limited to saponins, phenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids, and others, are beneficial in the management of severe health conditions like liver disease, cancer, inflammations, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, insulin resistance, and others.

You may feel like you just walked into a medical course, so, to put it simply, Buddha Teas’ organic moringa blend is as healthy as it is delicious and energizing. Its flavor is mild, distinct, smooth, and satisfying.

Buddha moringa tea is made by processing fresh leaves, drying them out, and carefully packaging them in tea bags that are bleach-free. Fillers and artificial flavorings are nowhere to be found, and all ingredients are 100% organic.

Generally, green teas are made the same way, depending on how you best enjoy your tea. To prepare a refreshing cup of moringa tea, heat water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, steep tea bags for at least 3 minutes, and then serve to your preferences.


  • Brand – Buddha Teas
  • Flavor – Moringa
  • Form – Bags
  • Caffeine content – Caffeine-free
  • Dimensions – 3.38 x 3.38 x 4.25 inches

What’s Good

  • Natural moringa flavor
  • Rich in health benefits
  • Affordable price
  • 100% recycled materials
  • High-quality taste

What’s Bad

  • Dietary statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Caffeine-free, so keep that in mind if you need more of a pick-me-up
Buddha Teas, Organic Moringa Tea, 18 Bags
The health benefits of the hearty Moringa tree are so plentiful, and the remarkable plant has been deployed to combat malnutrition, most often for infants and nursing mothers. It’s a natural source of minerals, and vitamins A, C, D, K and B. It’s also flavonoid-rich and contains phenolic acids. With such a variety of ways it assists so many bodily systems, there are plenty of reasons for everyone to enjoy the benefits that delicious Moringa Tea has to offer! Buddha Teas Moringa Tea finishes somewhat mild, but distinct in its fullness, brightness, and smoothness.

5. TAZO, Organic Chai Tea, 120 bags

TAZO, Organic Chai Tea, 120 bags

When it comes to tea, there are certain things that you should never compromise on. Flavor, for example, is extremely important. Consistency, smoothness, and feel are also very essential, and TAZO organic chai tea brings all of this to the table, providing you with that flavorful, aromatic mix that starts your day off right.

What’s so special about this tea?

It features a professional blend of black tea with cloves, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon from various regions around the world. The full package comes with 6 packs of 20 chai black tea bags, enough for a huge tea party!

Do you often need that jolt of energy early in the morning to shake off that dullness? Then you’re in good hands with this TAZO chai blend. The spiciness and rich taste with a moderate caffeine level is specially made to awaken your innermost senses and give you the much-needed energy to start your busy day.

TAZO has been rightly said to provide “unconventional blends with a twist,” a motto that it fulfills in every sip.


  • Brand – TAZO
  • Dimensions – 10.4 x 6 x 5.9 inches
  • Form – Bags
  • Flavor – Organic chai black tea

What’s Good

  • Classic, spicy chai flavor
  • Huge amount of tea for a low price
  • High-quality taste
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Moderate caffeine level

What’s Bad

  • Dietary statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • 120 bags is a lot, unless you know you love the flavor
TAZO, Organic Chai Tea, 120 bags
TAZO Organic Chai Black Tea Bags have a warm blend of black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and spices to help you experience a true moment of comfort during the day. Sip this spiced chai as your morning tea to start your day or as an afternoon refresher.

Buyer’s Guide for Morning Teas

How many tea brands have you tried this year, and did they do it for you? Or do you feel like the kid who purchased magic beans just to realize they should have kept their cow?

Well, that will never again be your story when you understand the basics of tea-buying. There are just a couple of things you should keep in mind when making a purchase.

Let’s dive in.

Things to look out for when buying tea:


Teas come in many different flavors, and while some flavors are great, some may be a bit unusual for a newbie and may take some getting used to. Take your time when picking your flavors to ascertain what is most appealing for you, especially before you jump on any exotic names and ingredients.


Some locations are well-known for their mastery of the art of tea-making, and this can offer some degree of credibility to a brand. Whether it’s an English tea brand from the 18th century, or a blend that emanated from the Chinese dynasty, you know you’ll be in for a treat.


What ingredients does the tea contain? Simply flip to the back of the package and skim through to figure out both the quality of the ingredients and if there are any health benefits to them. Some ingredients are very powerful and have major health benefits. Just make sure that you have no form of allergy to any of the ingredients before use.

Some popular tea ingredients include ginger, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cardamom, and black pepper. Some teas may come with enough caffeine to give you that boost in the early mornings, while others are completely caffeine-free. Determine what’s right for you before making a purchase.


Due to the many kinds of leaves, oxidation levels, and other processes, there are 5 classifications of tea: black tea, green tea, white tea, pu-erh, and oolong. Some teas come in dried leaves and spices, while others are consumed in a fine powder form. Some may come in tea bags for convenience, while others are loose-leaf to allow you to increase or decrease the strength of the tea used.


Having a morning cup of tea is always a great way to fully awaken and start your day. Having provided you with five of the best morning tea options on the market, you now have all the information you need to make a fine choice. You can’t go wrong with any of our top favorites.

We wish you a happy and healthy morning tea experience!

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