Best Homebrew Keg System in 2020

Best Homebrew Keg System in 2020: A Buying Guide

Mini kegerators provide a convenient way to get beer from a tap anywhere you want. With the mini-keg, you don’t have to install any permanent fixtures to use them. These beer containers are highly portable given that they are so lightweight.

Mini kegs are therefore ideal for home bars, weddings, tailgates, and parties.

Traditionally, the process of getting beer from a keg to glass involves several stages of preparation. These include:

  • Cooling
  • Coupling
  • Gassing
  • Pouring

On the contrary, when using kegerators, all these steps are built into the devices. We have researched a list of the best homebrew keg systems we could find right now. All the items in our list aim to deliver delicious beer straight from the tap.

1. Keg Smiths 128 oz Portable Draft Keg System | CO2 Regulated | Stainless Steel Keg | 8 Pint | Mini Keg Draft System

This 8-pint mini-keg by Keg Smiths is intended to store and serve your carbonated draft beverages. It is not limited to just storing homebrew draft beers, so get creative with it.

Keg Smith is an excellent companion for your outdoor drinking needs. It is not uncommon to spot this kegerator on camping grounds, resorts, and even golf courses. The system delivers cold crisp beer as needed.

Product Features

  • Keg Smith is constructed with a stainless steel material that can withstand various drinking preferences.
  • The keg tap faucet is spring-loaded to prevent accidental spills or leaks.
  • The Kegerator has a capacity of 128 ounces or 8 pints.
  • It is easy to fill this mini-keg and store it away for future use.
  • The pressurized carbonated tap system is compatible with both the 12 and 16-gram threaded carbon cartridges.
  • The Keg Smith has an adjustable pressure regulator for a smooth pour. Most beverages pour best at pressures between 5-9 PSI. However, certain recipes require more than that.
  • The tap system is detachable and easy to clean.

What’s in the package

  • Stainless steel Keg Smith kegerator
  • Stainless steel carbonated tap system with a regulator
  • 4 CO2 cartridges
  • A carrying tote
  • Keg cleaning tabs


  • The stainless steel construction is easy to clean and lasts long.
  • The mini keg is highly portable making it suitable for a variety of outdoor events.
  • It ensures that your draft beer doesn’t go flat.
  • Detachable tap system makes it easy to clean up.
  • It is easy to fill this mini-keg.
  • Suitable for a variety of beverages such as ice tea, kombucha, coffee, beer, and homebrews.


  • Only select retailers include CO2 cartridges in the kegerator package. Confirm before purchase whether you’ll have to buy them separately.


For the best flavors on your carbonated drinks, use only food-grade CO2 cartridges. Note that CO2 cartridges vary in quality – they are not all the same.

Pressurized Growlers

Keeping your pints of beer fresh and cold over long periods of time has gotten easier, thanks to pressurized growlers that use CO2.

A pressurized growler is designed with a CO2 tension regulator which keeps the beer constantly carbonated. This is the reason why growlers can keep a beer fresh for weeks.

Pressurized growlers also use the CO2 tap system which exerts better pressure when pouring drinks. You can easily get a perfect poor because of the pressure gauge.

2. NutriChef PKBRTP299 Pressurized Mini Keg System, 128oz Double-Walled Stainless Steel Growler Tap Portable Dispenser Kegerator Kit

The NutriChef is here to keep your drinks warm or cold for up to 8 hours during both indoor and outdoor functions. However, its ability to keep the beer fresh extends for weeks. You can drink your homebrew at your own pace without worrying about it going flat.

Product Features

  • NutriChef kegerator is constructed with a double-wall stainless steel lining. This provides the insulation that keeps drinks cold or warm for 8 hours.
  • The beer stays fresh under vacuum pressure for weeks, giving you ample time to drink at your own pleasure.
  • The capacity of this kegerator is 128 ounces. It is about 15.7” including its short cap so can fit inside your refrigerator.
  • The maximum fill level of the keg is marked with a laser.
  • During transportation or storage, the kegerator seals with a metal screw-on cap.
  • The entire construction of the NutriChef keg system can last a lifetime. Both the drink tank and the growler tap dispensing kit are made of food-grade stainless steel. The regulator is made of aluminum and the tap from brass material.
  • It has a pressure release valve that can be engaged for the safe removal of tap hardware.
  • The pressure regulator is adjustable by rotating an adjustment knob. Regulating the pouring pressure is important because different recipes of beer require different pouring pressures for the perfect head.

What is in the Package

  • Cap spear
  • CO2 aluminum regulator with PSI 0-30
  • 3.7 liters keg
  • Brass tap
  • Silicon O-ring kit in food-grade
  • Silicon beer tube of 47.24” measuring 0.2” and 0.4” inner and outer diameters respectively
  • Neoprene koozie


  • Easy to assemble, clean, and fill.
  • The keg is coated with an anti-scratch powder coating to prevent unsightly abrasion marks.
  • The pressure regulator is easily adjustable.
  • The CO2 homebrew system keeps beverages crisp for many weeks.
  • The regulator and spout are detachable as needed.


  • The beer drips a little after you close the spout, so you either wait out the few last drips or place a towel underneath.


3. NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System – Stainless Steel Mini Keg Dispenser Portable Kegerator Kit 

Fans of craft beer should certainly include this addition into their collection. The NutriChef Pressurized growler tap system dispenses flavorful beer, day or night. This growler is highly portable and easy to assemble. It will quench your cravings anywhere!

Product Features

  • It works with disposable food-grade CO2 cartridges. The 16-gram universal threaded cartridge fits into the regulator.
  • Each 16-gram CO2 cartridge will carbonate 128 ounces of beer before being depleted. The cartridges are not included in the packaging.
  • The NutriChef growler keeps the beer fresh under vacuum pressure for two months.
  • The equipment is suitable for making homebrews and craft draft beer.
  • Pouring the perfect head of beer is enhanced with an adjustable pressure regulator.
  • The regulator gauge displays the pouring liquid PSI.
  • The package comes with an insulator sleeve, which helps to retain the coolness of beer inside the keg.
  • The entire kegging kit is constructed with safe and durable grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Turning on the tap faucet handle pours the beer from the keg. To safely detach the tap, engage the pressure release valve.
  • The tank capacity is 128 ounces and the maximum fill level is marked by a laser.
  • The lid is a metal screw-on for safe refrigeration and transport.


  • This kegging system is one of the most compact and portable on the market.
  • The beverages in the keg will stay fresh the whole day and night for two months. The CO2 system keeps it carbonated for that length of time.
  • The package comes with all the basic installation components needed.
  • The pure stainless steel construction keeps the beverages cold for long periods of time.
  • Since the steel is food-grade, the keg stays rust-resistant.
  • Easy to clean, assemble, and fill.


  • You have to purchase the CO2 cartridges separately.


4. NutriChef Double Walled System-64oz Stainless Steel Growler Tap Portable Mini Keg Dispenser Kegerator Kit w/ Co2 Pressure Regulator

This is yet another NutriChef double-walled kegging kit to keep your drinks cold and carbonated. The only difference is that it comes in a much smaller capacity this time. Despite its small capacity, the portable mini-keg is capable of keeping the beer fresh for weeks.

Product Features

  • The kegerator has double-wall stainless steel insulation that serves to keep drinks at a constant temperature for 8 hours.
  • This 64-ounce keg lets you pour the beer as you wish without going flat for weeks.
  • The entire system is built to last with food-grade materials. The keg tank’s growler tanker dispenser is stainless steel, the regulator is aluminum, and the tap is made from brass material.
  • The pressure release valve safely allows for the removal of the tap and its components.
  • The tank capacity is 64 ounces and stands at 14.2 inches. This is small enough to fit into a refrigerator at home.
  • The keg is sealed with a metal screw-on lid to secure the contents during storage and transportation.
  • The fill level is marked with a laser.
  • The pressure regulator is adjustable by rotating an adjustment knob. The correct pressure setting gives a fine head of beer.


  • It is easy to transport to an outdoor location without spilling accidents because of the metal lid.
  • The keg is small enough to refrigerate inside a standard size fridge.
  • The beer in this keg stays carbonated for two months.
  • Stainless steel construction means a highly durable and rust-resistant kegging system.

This mini kegger is perfect for draft and homebrews.


5. Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System – 64oz Stainless Steel Growler Tap, Portable Mini Keg Dispenser Kegerator Kit

In the homebrewers’ circles, it is a common consensus that NutriChef produces the best mini-kegs.

Their latest production is this elegant, all-inclusive little kegger. Despite its curious little size, it holds 64 ounces of brew. That’s not all – it will keep your beer crisp and fresh for two whole months!

Product Features

  • The body is constructed with food-grade stainless steel material.
  • This mini-keg holds 64 ounces of brew for two months.
  • The kegging system is compact and small enough for easy transportation.
  • Buying this mini keg is a lifetime investment of good beer.
  • The homebrew CO2 feature will keep your drinks fresh for leisurely indulging the whole day long.
  • Carbonation is introduced via disposable CO2 cartridges which are not included in the shipping package. The 16 grams threaded cartridge is compatible with this mini-keg.
  • One 16-gram cartridge will produce a yield of 128 ounces of carbonated drinks before it runs out.


  • The packaging comes with all the components and the necessary installation tools.
  • The food-grade construction materials ensure durability and safety.
  • The kegging system is easy to clean, assemble, and fill.
  • Stainless steel body means the drinks stay chilled for a long time. The insulator sleeve in the package further serves to increase the chilling time.
  • The beer stays fresh for 2 months.


  • Buy food-grade CO2 cartridges separately.

Enjoy brewing both craft and homebrews on this kegger.


6. NutriChef Mini Keg Detachable Aluminum Regulator & Tap Spear Easy Storage Black Matte Powder Coated Pressurized Growler Homebrew Beer Dispenser 

This NutriChef matte black mini-keg is striking in appearance. Alongside its elegance, it has superior functionality. It is so far the only mini-keg in this list that keeps drinks for more than two months.

So, how long do its contents last? This NutriChef matte black mini-keg will keep the brew freshly carbonated for three full months!

Product Features

  • The regulator and beer spout can be detached without affecting the vacuum pressure of the beer. The spear cap lid design ensures that pressure escapes afterward.
  • Product dimensions: 5.3 x 5.3 x 9.25 inches. It is compact enough for a regular kitchen fridge or cooler.
  • The keg is coated with black scratch-resistant powder over stainless steel.
  • The body and the cap spear are made of the food-grade 304 stainless steel. The regulator is made of aluminum and the tap is made of brass.
  • The package contains a Silicone O-ring kit and keg tubes 47.24 inches long.
  • Adjustable pressure knob, from 0-31 PSI, to create a bubbly head of beer depending on its specifications.
  • Disposable 16 grams threaded CO2 cartridge is compatible with this kegger. It will pump 128 ounces of beer before being completely spent.


  • The regulator and tap spout can be detached and still maintain the beer vacuum pressure.
  • It is important to be able to regulate the pressure for each recipe of brew.
  • Assembling, cleaning, and filling this mini kegger is a straightforward process.
  • The scratch-resistant black powder coating improves both its appearance and functionality.
  • Homebrew carbonating system keeps the beverage crisp the entire day.



Drinkers have decided to recreate the pub experiences in their own homes. If you have come this far, chances are that you are one of them. This selection of keggers and pressurized growlers will redefine your drinking experience, so find the right homebrew keg system now and start enjoying better beer for longer!

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