The Best Coffee Scale of 2024

August 23, 2020 // 13 minute read

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Are you craving a cup of barista-level coffee? Why go all the way to fancy looking coffee houses when a simple weighing and timing trick can land you with your perfect steaming hot cup of coffee! It is only a game of the right proportions to brew delicious coffee. What’s more, drinking coffee brings with it a range of health benefits that further increase its appeal.

The scoop and pour method might seem easy, but you can not be sure of the taste. Unless you measure the ratios perfectly simply by eyeballing it, there’s no telling what will happen.

To make your mornings more coffee-licious, we have put together this guide that brings you the best coffee scale on the market to make correctly ratioed coffee every day all by yourself!

The Best Coffee Scale

The plethora of products leaves you dizzy and confused. The high-end manufacturers offer products costing hundreds of dollars, whereas the low-cost ones are too low on performance. We have sifted out a few of the best coffee scales on the market that offer value for your money.

1. ERAVSOW Coffee Scale

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale

Get a perfectly flavored cup of coffee using the ERAVSOW coffee scale that brews a rightly proportioned cup of coffee. Ensuring high precision, the G-sensor measures from 0.1oz/1g to 3000g/ml. You get to pick the units of your choice too.

The scale has an easily readable digital display that has a backlit LCD screen that lets you know when the battery is low. The scale uses two AAA batteries with an auto shut off/on feature that ensures the battery lasts long. After five minutes of idle sitting, the scale shuts off on its own, which helps add life to the scale that can otherwise lose its efficiency with a weaker battery.

Giving a finished and distinct look to the coffee scale is the stainless steel tray that has a removable silicone pad attached to it. The silicone pad prevents the coffee pot from slipping and spilling the coffee. It helps especially if you make drip coffee to hold the pot firmly to the surface.

What’s Good

  • Comes with a timer
  • Has a large display
  • Stainless steel surface is easy to clean
  • Works both with ounces and grams

What’s Bad

  • Not portable
  • Slight accuracy issue
ERAVSOW Coffee Scale
Professional Scale For Your Coffee. Every hand-drip coffee lovers will have a professional coffee scale, which includes weight and timer. The coffee scale helps you have a healthy and happy life.ERAVSOW scale + timer combines two important kitchen tools to help you follow recipes accurately while saving space in your kitchen.

2. KitchenTour Coffee Scale

KitchenTour Coffee Scale

It is built with high-end materials that make this compact coffee scale a striking addition to your kitchen. With the latest technology, the KitchenTour Coffee ensures precise measurements with a weight capacity of 0.3g to 3000g. Get a more refined coffee that has a good balance to it.

It has a built-in timer that brews your coffee to perfection. The Tare function allows the mixing of various ingredients that enhance the flavor of the coffee to your preference. You will never be out of battery as the scale notifies you beforehand. The 120 second auto-shutoff mechanism guarantees longevity of the scale.

The kitchen drip coffee scale is manufactured out of sturdy, safe, and user-friendly materials that notch up its performance. The cleaning and maintenance of the device is not a tricky or arduous task. It comes with a removable non-slip silicone pad that serves as a firm footing for coffee pots.

What’s Good

  • Touch activated keys
  • Elegant design
  • Backlit reverse LCD screen
  • Responsive

What’s Bad

  • Tare button is hard to press
  • Average construction
KitchenTour Coffee Scale
Designed specifically for the specialty coffee community, the KitchenTour Drip Scale brings together both a gram scale and a built-in timer, which are essential when brewing manually. It has a 3000g max capacity and varying scale intervals, depending on weight, of 0.1g (0.3~500g), 0.5g (501~1000g), and 1.0g (1001~3000g). It can be used to weigh ground coffee, liquid espresso, and brewed coffee and is accurate with a high-precision G-sensor. Just enjoy a better coffee at home and office.

3. Coffee Scale by Geesta

Coffee Scale by Geesta

An insipid coffee ruins the temptation and mood that a steaming hot cup of coffee arouses. To prepare an inviting and delicious cup of coffee, you need to have the right amount of ingredients that create a balanced and enhanced taste. Therefore, the coffee scale by Geesta with its accuracy brews a perfect cup of coffee.

The coffee scale by Geesta measures down to the tenth of a gram and has a fluid measurement mechanism converting ounces to milliliters. The standby mechanism starts and stops taking measurements that help when gradually adding ingredients. The tear function eliminates the weight of the container as it weighs the ingredients that you pour.

The large and easy-to-read display has a backlit screen so you can note the readings with just a glance. The battery-low indicator alerts you to the finishing battery so that you can arrange for it beforehand. The overload warning ascertains the optimal function and durability of the coffee scale.

What’s Good

  • Comes with an easy to use waterproof silicone pad
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Automatic shut on/off mechanism
  • Easy to clean

What’s Bad

  • No calibration
Coffee Scale by Geesta
Your Assistant for Kitchen Cooking. If you’ve finally figured out the perfect measurements to make your perfect cup of coffee, never get it wrong again! There are unlimited uses for a kitchen scale including weighing dry ingredients for cooking and baking and measuring out snacks like almonds to help with weight loss and maintaining healthy portion sizes. Choosing the right scale for your needs and cooking skill level can be overwhelming, but we’re taking the headache out of your search.

4. Digital Coffee Scale by Cozy Scale

Digital Coffee Scale by Cozy Scale

The right amount of ingredients and time together prepare a coffee worth falling for, and thus we present to you another digital coffee scale that makes it possible. The multi-purpose scale is capable enough to help you make any coffee you want to kick off your day. It prepares a spot-on cup of coffee that fuels your entire day.

The one-stop piece of kit not only weighs coffee but also measures the water volume and time to brew. A flawlessly brewed coffee has a heavenly taste. You get all the essentials inside the box too.

The high level of accuracy enables measurements between 0.1oz/1g to 3000g/ml. The five different levels of measurement provide greater efficiency and convenience to users. The included rubber non-slip silicone pad prevents spills and spats by holding the coffee pot firmly to the surface.

What’s Good

  • Functional tare feature
  • Multi-purpose scale
  • Multiple measurement units
  • Affordable

What’s Bad

  • Inconsistent
Digital Coffee Scale by Cozy Scale
Brew your Ideal Coffee. Are you coffee lover and like to brew your own coffee every morning? The coffee scale with timer make brewing easy and fun. This coffee scale features a handy tare function to easily measure ingredients in a dish, allowing you to cut down on prep time. High precision sensors to ensure accurate measurements from 0.1 oz /1 g to 3000g/m.It makes everything from brewing to baking is a piece of cake.

5. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

The AmazonBasics Stainless steel kitchen scale offers smart design and great functionality. The versatile kitchen scale not only helps in weighing the coffee ingredients but also helps you out with other food items. It ensures perfection and a healthy lifestyle, whether it is a meal you make or a cup of coffee you brew.

The smart design of the kitchen scale features a generous weighing platform where you can accommodate and weigh more things. A button next to the display converts units for convenience. A larger display allows easy readability of the digits.

The compact design of the scale makes it convenient and portable. A smooth surface enables easy cleaning. It is fuelled by two AAA batteries that are inserted at the back of the scale. To make the battery more accessible, there are no screws involved, so you can easily switch batteries once they run out.

What’s Good

  • Instant response
  • Compact design
  • Large display
  • Tare function

What’s Bad

  • Readings fluctuate
AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale
Stainless steel digital kitchen scale with widescreen LCD screen. Weighs up to 11 pounds (about 5000 grams) of food (minimum of 2 grams). Advanced sensor technology delivers quick, accurate responses

6. Gram Scale Digital Scale by Toprime Store

Gram Scale Digital Scale by Toprime Store

The Toprime digital kitchen scale is fashioned out of top-notch stainless steel with an ABS plastic frame. It ensures greater accuracy with its durable and user-friendly design. The pocket scale is easy to clean and maintain with the smooth surface it comprises.

The meticulous accuracy is credited to the high precision sensors that allow a measurement of up to 500g. The multiple choices of unit conversion create a flexible measurement option that makes weighing easy for all users. A big crystal clear LCD screen increases the readability of the scale with its blue backlit screen.

It is a versatile and multi-functional scale consisting of two trays that can handle any item. The tare function in the scale aids in weighing a range of things. It thus helps in brewing coffee, baking, or in any of your cooking adventures.

What’s Good

  • Comes with protection covers
  • Sensitive and accurate
  • Super easy to clean
  • Has multiple unit options

What’s Bad

  • Cannot weigh more than 500g
Gram Scale Digital Scale by Toprime Store
Small and lightweight, high-precision and quick and easy to calibrate manually. Toprime digital scale can quickly and accurately measure ingredients, postage, medication and more with a weight range up to 500 grams. Calculate in g, oz, tl, ct, and gn and convert between units instantly with a single press of a button without having to re-measure.

Buyer’s Guide

You might have found a coffee scale of choice from the products above, but in case you haven’t, read further to know what to look for in a great coffee scale. It will help you in choosing a functional scale like the ones we have reviewed above.

You should pick a coffee scale based on the below criteria:


You can check the precision of a scale by ensuring that it measures in increments of one-tenth of a gram. This is a standard accuracy level, and even though you can get more sensitive scales, smaller values may be difficult to use and are generally unnecessary.

Ease of Use

You can not steer away from accidental spills no matter how hard you try. However, the best coffee scales are those that make cleaning an effortless task. The most cleanable models are those that have silicone pads included with them that are detachable. Once you are done brewing coffee or weighing the ingredients, remove it and run it under the water, and you are good to go.

Models that have fixed surfaces should be made of stainless steel or silicone to facilitate the cleaning process. You can use a wet towel or a cloth to clean the surface. The most tricky and hard to clean scales come with silicone surfaces that have ridges. They might keep heat away from the scale, but they make cleaning a hassle.

Power Supply

There are two power sources for coffee scales. One of them is using disposable (or rechargeable!) batteries. Such models might sound cheap, but switching out batteries makes them expensive in the long run. They do have the advantage of never requiring power cords.

Other models, however, simply use a power chord with the disadvantage here being that you’re confined to an outlet.


Water-resistant scales are a safer option. Although silicone pads keep water away, having your defenses up is a wise decision.

Make sure the buttons of the scale are not splattered with water or coffee.


A timer helps you prepare a more delicious coffee that is balanced and more flavorful. Instead of manually timing your brew, your scale can do it for you. A timer is a perfect combination that lets you know when your coffee is ready.


If you are a traveler, you will need a scale that has high mobility. You should be able to pack it among other essentials so that no matter where you are, you do not miss good coffee.

Portable coffee scales are lightweight and have a compact design. You will find some amazing pocket coffee scales above in the reviews.

Tare Function

Scales that are equipped with a tare function are very useful and convenient. You get to weigh your coffee directly in the brewer or filter, making things more feasible for you. Place the brewer on the scale, zero out the weight, and then add coffee.

Wrap Up

You will be overwhelmed by the coffee scale models and brands. You must keep in mind that a perfect coffee scale is one that meets your requirements. Your idea of a functional coffee scale might differ from others. Therefore, always keep your preferences at the top of the list.

Assess the features you get with the coffee scale you buy and see if they are what you want. You only get more value for your money when you purchase a product that has all the essential features that

you want.

The products listed above are some of the best out there. They are both high on performance and are loaded with useful features that appeal to a majority of coffee lovers.

A thorough search and love for coffee has helped us in preparing this list. You can either check them out or use the criteria above to get your perfect coffee scale. ‘Till then, Happy Brewing!

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