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IPL Recipe

Best India Pale Lager, IPL Recipe – Favorite Recipe

Clean and refreshing, the India Pale Lager (IPL) mixes the hoppiness of the popular American IPA (India Pale Ale) and the crisp flavor of lager beers, resulting in an interesting, highly drinkable beer. Keep reading to read more about this IPL recipe. But did you know? India Pale Lager is

Festbier Recipe

Festbier Recipe, Easy To Follow

There’s no better time to drink that modern-day Oktoberfest beer, than – all the time! I’m sure, you’ll agree! However… It might not be readily available in your area at the exact time that you want it.  How sad is that?  But don’t you worry because we know exactly how

sour beer recipe

Sour Beer Recipe – Great Tasting & Easy To Make

Being the result of a happy accident some thousands of years ago, sour beer is considered one of the oldest- if not the oldest- beer styles globally. It’s that beer that everyone loves.  Beer enthusiasts love its complex layers and layers of different flavors, and beer newbies love how it’s

Schwarzbier Recipe

Schwarzbier Recipe, Step-By-Step Guide

Looks can be deceiving indeed.  Though a dark lager, the Schwarzbier is actually a very easy drink, which makes it great for both summer and even winter with its hints of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla flavors.  But that’s not the most interesting thing about this German lager. The Schwarzbier is

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